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Life Skills!

SMC Edu offers online life-skills courses for tweens, teens, and young adults!

Growth Mindset

A Growth Mindset Is Powerful. Nurture your mind with positive thoughts because if you think you can, you will.

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    Our online courses are designed to help adults and…

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    Youth Coaching

    Coaching empowers youth to achieve their goals!

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    "Be a vibrant fish in the river of life, and let your brilliance illuminate the darkest corners of the water."

    ~Constance Chuks Friday

    Founder / CEO

    About Stacie

    Failure Is Not An Option.

    Hello! I’m Stacie!


    I am the founder and CEO of SMC Education Services, and the biggest champion of everything centered around youth empowerment, educational achievement, and career success. I am here to assist you!


    My goal is to empower all people with a particular focus on children and youth, military members, veterans, and military spouses. The primary services I offer are resume review/writing, career/education coaching, and corporate training.


    My motivation is for you to know that you can accomplish anything. Think about what you want to do and what you want to have. It does not matter how big or how small you think it is. If it is important to you, then it is worth going after.


    When you’re ready to discover that your perceived limitations are the only thing holding you back from achieving your dreams, contact me to set up an appointment!




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