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The Building Your Self-Confidence Life Skills Course is designed to help individuals build the self-confidence they need to achieve their goals. 

Do not worry about how long it is taking you to accomplish your goal. Everyone is different and working at different paces. Believe in yourself, trust the process and keep going. You may need to be patient, but never give up. Eventually, you will reach your destination. ~ SMC~

Boost Your Self-Confidence

30 Day Challenge

This 30-day Self-Confidence challenge is part of the Building Your Self-Confidence Ladybug Life Skills Course. This one-page document contains 30 easy self-confidence building action items that will help teens increase their self-confidence and become more empowered.

I hope you and your teens enjoy building their confidence. It is important to me that young people know how wonderful they are!

~ SMC~

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SMC Coaching

SMC Education Services offers career and education consulting to help individuals identify their goals and find the right path to achieve them. 

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