30-Day Self-Confidence Challenge


This 30-day Self-Confidence challenge is a one-page document containing 30 easy self-confidence building action items that will help teens increase their self-confidence and become more empowered. With simple daily steps and actions, teens can pursue personal growth and self-esteem building.



SMC Education Services LLC is passionate about helping people build the life skills they need to become resilient and successful. Our Ladybug Series Life Skills courses focus on four key areas: social and emotional skills, academic success, workforce readiness, and health and well-being.

This 30-day challenge is a quick and simple way that teens and tweens can build their self-confidence. Each day for 30 days, users will complete the challenge, which will include activities such as journaling, talking to strangers, facing fears, and setting and achieving goals. This easy challenge is designed to provide teens with the tools they need to increase their self-confidence and become braver, more confident version of themselves.
I hope you and your teens enjoy building their confidence. It is important to me that young people know how wonderful they are!